Record label dispute

Record Label Dispute Lessons: Navigating the Legal Maze

Megan Thee Stallion’s Record Label Dispute Megan Thee Stallion, Grammy-winning rapper, has been making headlines lately for her ongoing legal record label dispute with 1501 Certified Entertainment. The dispute began in March 2020, when Stallion signed a management and recording contract with the label. The contract reportedly gave the label 60% of her recording income, … Continue Reading


Modelling and Its Need for Reform: Beyond the Glitz and Glamour

Introduction to Modelling As we take a closer look at the Dutch modelling industry, we find that progress has certainly been made in regard to safeguarding models’ rights and welfare. In the Netherlands, the fashion industry has taken significant steps towards creating a safer and healthier working environment for models. However, this glamorous world is … Continue Reading

Music Sampling

Legal Insights for Emerging Artists – Exploringthe Case for Music Sampling

Factual Scenario Imagine a talented up-and-coming musician named Sarah, who has recently gained popularity in the electronic music scene for her innovative remixes of classic jazz tracks. As such, she sometimes creates new music by sampling old songs she finds inspiring. Sarah’s also known for her unique ability to blend different music genres, creating fresh … Continue Reading


Guide to Understanding NFTs: Transforming Art into the Digital Era

Introduction to NFTs Welcome to our extensive guide on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) – the revolutionary digital assets transforming the art world. Whether you’re an artist ready to embrace the digital arena or simply intrigued by this emerging phenomenon, this guide is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of NFTs, their relationship with copyright … Continue Reading

Legal Aspects of Copyright and AI in the Music Industry

In recent decades, artificial intelligence, often abbreviated as “AI,” has had a huge impact on various industries, including the music industry. With the rise of advanced algorithms and machine learning technologies, musicians and music platforms have begun to embrace AI. This adoption aims to improve creative processes, make music creation more efficient, and enrich the … Continue Reading


Track Selection Mastery: The Push for DJ Recognition and Fair Pay

Introduction Within the diverse world of music, DJs hold a significant creative role. They’ve transcended their traditional status as background players to become celebrated figures in the industry. Recognized for their unique style, they offer innovative contributions to shaping musical experiences. However, the existing compensation models often overlook a crucial aspect of their craft. This … Continue Reading

Music Market Mission

DME & IMCJ Music Market Mission 2023: Tokyo

In november 2023 vond de Music Market Mission van Dutch Music Export en Independent Music Council Japan plaats in het prachtige Tokio. Media- en entertainmentadvocaat Sander Petit was erbij namens Backstage Legal. Hij beschrijft in dit artikel zijn ervaringen en lessen. この貿易ミッションを企画してくださった団体、たゆまぬ努力、そしておもてなしに深く感謝したいと思います。記事の残りの部分はオランダ語ですが、ブラウザによっては、この記事を翻訳できます。 TL:DR >>> Het was leuk, moeilijke markt om binnen te komen, beetje ouderwets … Continue Reading